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Annual Meeting On Allergy and Immunology

Cancer And Tumor Immunobiology

Cancer And Tumor Immunobiology It is the branch of science that observes the relationship between immune system and cancer. It helps in development of drug regimen based on individual condition and severity. It is a field of research that finds out the malignancy immunotherapies to treat and cease the movement of disease. Cancer and Tumor Immunobiology mainly focuses on I immune system is working or not against malignant tumors. Certain cells of the immune system, including normal executioner cells, dendritic cells (DCs) and effector T cells, are equipped for driving strong enemy of tumor reactions. 
• Antitumor Effector Cells and Regulation of Tumor Immunity 
• Oncogenomics 
• Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy 
• Cancer therapeutic resistance 
• Tumor-Associated Antigen & Immunosuppression 
• Mechanisms of Tumor Rejection and Modulation of Antitumor Responses 
• Pathobiology of Immune System Malignancies 
• Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy & Targeted therapies 
• Drug Development & Vaccines 
• Treatment Approaches for Cancer 
• Economic Impact on Cancer 
• Immuno-Oncology studies 
• Cytokine-based cancer therapy 
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