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Annual Meeting On Allergy and Immunology

Cellular Immunology and Latest Innovations

Cellular Immunology and Latest Innovations Cellular immunology involves only the involvement of activation of phagocytes, antigen-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes, but not involving antibodies. It is the interactions among cells and molecules of the system that contribute to the recognition and elimination of pathogens. • Immune Deficiency & HIV • Immunological Aspects of Endocrine Disease & Renal Disease • Immunological Aspects of Infection • Adaptive immunity • Immunoglobulins • Functions of Antibodies • Complement System • Monocytes and Macrophages • Non-Antibody immunity • Resistance to Intracellular Microbial and Viral infection • Immune Regulation • Immunological Techniques Related societies: • European Federation of Immunological Societies. • Australasian Society for Immunology. • Indian Immunology Society. • Korean Society for Immunology. • Japanese Society for Immunology.