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Annual Meeting On Allergy and Immunology

Immunoinformatics and Systems immunology

Immunoinformatics and Systems immunology Immunoinformatics is also known as computational immunology. Management and analysis of immunological data is the important role of immunoinformatics. The immunology research can be improved by the proper use of informatics techniques. It also involves the design and development of various algorithms for the analysis of immunological data. It also helps for dealing with a huge amount of data and defines new immune hypothesises. The data collected and stored will be made accessible to scientists to understand the functions of immune system and to learn about the disease pathogenesis. 
• Immunomics 
• Immune system modelling 
• Tools and algorithms 
• Immunoreceptor signaling: Receptors and pathways 
• Demonstrating flagging pathways and transcriptional systems 
• Cell correspondence, movement and elements 
• Frameworks examination of malignancy and model living beings 
• Human frameworks immunology 
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