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Annual Meeting On Allergy and Immunology

Immunoresearch and Immunotechnology

Immunoresearch and Immunotechnology  This track deals with technology that involves application of cells and molecules of immune system. An antibody-based microarray is setting a novel proteomic technology sets a new standard for molecular profiling of non-fractionated complex proteomes. These play important role in diagnosing disease, monitoring and identifying molecules of interest. 
• Immunological Assay 
• Antiibody-Fusions 
• Nano-Immunotechnology 
• Technology Development and Applications 
• Novel Approaches in Immunology 
• Antibody Engineering & Technology 
• Proteomics 
• Antigen-Antibody Interactions 
• Recombinant Immuno-Conjugates 
• Characterization of Lymphocytes 
• Immunodiagnostic & Immunotechniques 
• Transcriptomics 
• Microarray 
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