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Annual Meeting On Allergy and Immunology

Ocular Immunology and Inflammation

Ocular Immunology and Inflammation Ocular inflammation is defined as branch that deals with diagnosis and treatment of various inflammatory eye diseases. Uveitis, intraocular inflammation, sclerotis and iritis are various immunologically mediated eye diseases.This integrated immune protection includes parts of humoral, cellular, adaptive, and innate immunity in tears, conjunctiva and even the cornea. 
• Ocular immune responses 
• Conjunctiva 
• Ocular immunoregulatory system 
• Ocular immunologic reactions 
• Non-caseating granuloma 
• Peripheral neuropathy 
• Retinal vasculitis 
• Anterior uveitis 
• Neurosarcoidosis 
• Ocular Manifestations of Pathogenic Infection 
• Epidemiology and Clinical Trials in Ocular Inflammation 
• Immune Keratitis 
• Allergy and Ocular Surface 
• Orbital Inflammation and Infection 
• Immunology of Ocular Tumors 
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