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Theme : To scrutinize new prospects in advancement of nanotechnology and material science


Scietech International organizing committee invites the participants across the globe to attend its World Conference on Nanotechnology and Material Science which is going to take place during September 28-29, 2020 in Toronto, Canada. Nanotechnology and Materials Science are forthcoming use in healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, and other areas. 
Nanotechnology Congress 2020 clears a stage to broaden the examination by introducing associate exchange amongst ventures and academic associations and data exchange from analysis to trade. Materials Science and Technology Conference points in broadcasting data and offers new thoughts among the specialists, industrialists, and understudies from territories of Materials Science and technology to share their exploration encounters and revel in intuitive talks and exceptional sessions at the occasion. 
Advanced Materials plays a significant role in our lives owing to its individualism in properties and extended applications in varied industries. These are the basis of recent science and technology. Advanced Materials are at the heart of many technological developments that bit our lives and realize applications like electronic materials for communication and data technology, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Medical, Food Safety, biomaterials for higher tending, sensors for the intelligent setting, energy materials for renewable energy and setting, light-weight alloys for higher transportation, materials for strategic applications and every one Applications of applied science. 

Benefits of attending the conference 
• Meet worldwide Experts 
• Networking Opportunities 
• Learn beyond your field or interest 
• Young Scientist Award recognition certificate and memento to the winner 
• Learn about career improvement with all the latest technologies by networking 
• International Recognition and Collaboration 

Targeted Audience: 
• Material Engineers 
• Nanotechnologists 
• Chemical Engineers 
• Material Science Researchers 
• Pharmacists 
• Nano-Scientists 
• Material Chemists 
• Academic Professors 
• Pharmaceutical Companies and Markets 
• Students from Nanotechnology, Chemical, and Material Engineering 
• Nano engineers 
• Industry Professionals 
• Physicists/Chemists 
• Professors 
• Nanotechnology Companies 
• Members of different Materials science associations

Scientific sessions: 
Track: 1 Nano Science and Technology: 
Nanoscience and technology is the branch of science. It studies systems and manipulates matter on atomic, molecular and supramolecular scales. Nano means that one billion of a unit of life. Nano Science and Technology refers to controlled manipulation of structures and Phenomena. Nano Science and Technology have Nanoscale dimensions. Engineering science has Brobdingnagian prospects to supply technological solutions to several issues in science fields. 
Related Societies: Foresight Nanotech Institute | Institute of Nanotechnology | Nano Business Alliance | Nano Science and Technology 
Track: 2 Nano Biotechnology & Healthcare: 
Nanobiotechnology is one of the most effective applications in biological fields. This is often an associate integrative field that presently recruits approach, facility, and technology out there in standard likewise as advanced avenues of engineering, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. This technical application has crystal rectifier to the creation of recent formation of nanostructures, every as characterized by their wildcat utilization in several sorts of applications in bioengineering and biomedicine. These applications square measure expected to mechanically improve the therapeutic and diagnosing aspects of the many diseases. The materials are analyzed and reported as elements of biosensors and as terribly adequate drug delivery platform. 
Related Societies: International Association of Nanotechnology | Nano Business Alliance | European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology | American Society for Precision Engineering 
Track: 3 Material Science: 
Materials science is an associate knowledge domain field as well as the properties of the issue and its applications to totally different territories of science and building. engineering science as characterized by size is often expansive, as well as fields of science as totally different as surface science, science, sub-atomic science, semiconductor material science, vitality warehousing, microfabrication, sub-atomic coming up with, then forth. The connected analysis and applications square measure equally varied, going from augmentations of customary contraption natural science to altogether new methodologies passionate about sub-atomic self-get along, from growing new materials with measurements on the nanoscale to direct management of issue on the nuclear scale. The nanomaterial’s field incorporates subfields that produce or study materials having exceptional properties arising from their nanoscale measurements. 
Related Societies: American National Standard Institute Nanotechnology Panel | National Nanotechnology Initiative | Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University 
Track: 4 Advanced Nanomaterials :
Nanomaterials are characterized as materials of which a solitary unit is measured 1 and 1000 nanometers yet is usually 1—100 nm. Materials with structure at the Nanoscale regularly have one among a sort of optical, electronic, or mechanical properties. Nanomaterials enquire about adopting the approaches associated with materials science and nanotechnology. 
Related Societies: Institute of Nanotechnology | Nano Science and Technology Institute | Nanotechnology Industries Association | Nano Business Alliance 
Track: 5 Nanotech for Energy and Environment:
Various geophysical and social weights are dynamic a move from fossil energies to renewable and manageable vitality sources. To impact these progressions, we must always build the materials which will bolster developing vitality advancements. 
Related Societies: European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology | Nanotechnology Research Association | International Association of Nanotechnology | Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences at University of Arkansas 
Track: 6 Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology:
Pharmaceutical engineering science compacts with developing forthcoming technologies for rising customized resolutions for drug delivery systems. Pharmaceutical engineering science cover applications of nanoscience to the pharmacy as nanomaterials, and as campaigns like imaging, diagnostic, drug delivery, and biosensors. The drug delivery system clearly influences the speed of absorption, metabolism, and distribution, excretion of the drug or alternative connected chemical substances within the body. In accumulation to the current, the drug delivery system conjointly permits the drug to bind to its target receptor and influence that receptor’s communication and movement. Stimulatingly pharmaceutical sciences square measure victimization nanoparticles to scale back toxicity and aspect effects of medicine and up to recently failed to acknowledge those carrier systems themselves might enforce risks to the patient. Prescription drugs are related to different types of dendrimers that square measure massive and complicated molecules to fight against cancer. Drug delivery and connected pharmaceutical enlarged within the context of nanomedicine ought to be thought to be science and technology of mill micron scale composite systems, comprising of a minimum of 2 elements, one amongst that could be a pharmaceutically active ingredient. 
Related Societies: European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | American Bar Association Section Nanotechnology project | European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology 
Track 7: Computational Material Science:
Computational Materials Science aims to enhance the communication between tentative materials investigation and process effort on each living and contemporary progressive materials and their applications. It circulates articles of interest to physicists, chemists and materials researchers and engineers and to alternative scientists convoluted by suggests that of process modelling and materials phenomena. Process strategies already play a main half in many materials analyses and can severally become further persistent as laptop management progresses within the decades ahead. The event and application of strategies square measure engaged to calculate the atomic and electronic structure of materials. Process Materials Science conjointly leverages novel enlargements in statistics and machine information to know composite simulations and accelerate the theme of materials. The finite part technique (FEM) is that the highest helpful process technique for materials associated with style at a structural level. Current displays embody materials for electronic applications, nano-electromechanics and energy. Process materials science includes process equipment for partitioning materials connected issues. 
Related Societies Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences at University of Arkansas| Biological Applications of Nanotechnology at University of Idaho | American National Standard Institute Nanotechnology Panel 
Track 8: Nanoelectronics, Nanosensors, and Nanocoatings: 
Nanophotonics or Nano-optics is the study of the behavior of sunshine on the micro millimeter scale, and of the interaction of nanometer-scale objects with lightweight. It’s a branch of optics, optical engineering, engineering science, and applied science. It typically (but not exclusively) involves silver parts, which may transport and focus lightweight via surface Plasmon polarities. Metamaterials area unit artificial materials built to own properties that will not be found in nature. They’re created by fabricating an associate array of structures abundant smaller than a wavelength. the little (Nano) size of the structures is important: That manner, lightweight interacts with them as if they created up an even, continuous medium, instead of scattering of the individual structures. 
Related Societies: Nanotechnology Research Association | European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology | American Society for Precision Engineering 
Track 9: Environmental and Green Materials: 
The green home style includes building for energy potency, as well as the utilization of renewable energy sources like wind, water, or solar; making a healthy indoor environment; implementing natural ventilation systems, and mistreatment construction materials that minimize the utilization of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the home. the utilization of materials and resources that area unit property, have low embodied energy and manufacture a minimal environmental impact area unit key components in inexperienced construction, as is that the economical use of water by appliances, taps and showerheads, the use of gray water, and also the utilize of rainwater for landscaping and alternative non-potable functions. Once considering the environmental properties of materials, explore for materials that area unit teeming, non-toxic, have low embodied energy, and meet or exceed laws. 
Related Societies: Foresight Nanotech Institute | Rice Center for Neuro Engineering at Rice University | European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 
Track 10: Nano fertilizers and Agriculture: 
Nano fertilizers square measure the necessary tools in agriculture to boost crop growth, yield and quality parameters with increase nutrient use potency, scale back wastage of fertilizers and price of cultivation. Nano-fertilizers square measure terribly effective for precise nutrient management in exactness agriculture with matching the crop growth stage for nutrients and will give nutrients throughout the crop growth amount. Nano-fertilizers increase crop growth up to optimum concentrations additional increase in concentration might inhibit the crop growth thanks to the toxicity of nutrients. Nano-fertilizers give a lot of expanse for various metabolic reactions within the plant that increase rate of chemical process and manufacture a lot of dry matter and yield of the crop. It’s additionally stop plant from completely different organic phenomenon and abiotic stress. Due to the limitation in productive lands and water resources, the event of agriculture sector is just potential by increasing of resources use potency with the minimum harm to production bed through effective use of recent technologies. 
Related Societies: International Association of Nanotechnology | Graphene Stakeholders Association | European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology 
Track 11: Nano Medicine:
Nano medication is that the application of small machines to the treatment and interference of sickness. It’s the applying of technology to try to everything from drug delivery to the repairing of cells. Nano robots are advancements in Nano medication. Functionalities of Nanomedicine is supplementary to nanomaterials by interfacing them with biological molecules or structures. 
Related Societies: American Society of Mechanical Engineering | Foresight Nanotech Institute | Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies at MIT | California Nano systems Institute at University of California 
Track 12: Nanotechnology in auto machine: 
Today, engineering science has created advances into regarding every business, from biotech to mechanical gathering. Additionally, the engines zone is researching nanotech too to create vehicles that are shinier, progressively secure, and bigger imperativeness gas effective. Wear-safe tires, motor vehicle our bodies created the employment of lighter however additional grounded Nano materials, and higher downsized processed structures confirmation upgraded engine capability and fuel usage. The key center is on weight limit to decorate mileage. Dominant glass home windows with polymers and utilizing exceptional, rust-proof, Nano-manufactured thermoplastic materials as a substitute than commonplace steel suspension elements are late advances here. Basically, nanoparticles are getting used to strengthen tires and fell opposition, accessible these follows saving fuel. 
Related Societies: European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Biological Applications of Nanotechnology at University of Idaho | Nano Business Alliance 
Track 13: Future aspects of Nanotechnology:
The fate of technology has been a topic of assorted legitimate and non-logical speculations, consolidating a few of doomsday dreams in standard culture that foretold self-reproducing nanoparticles taking associate degree interest in tremendous strikes on humans and nature. The any developed dreams of technology fuse on one hand the unreal usage of Nano-particles within the body and therefore the course framework (for decisive and accommodating purposes), and later once more – potential improvement of recent weapons of mass obliteration enabled by technology.
Related societies: Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology at Rice University | Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer | American National Standard Institute Nanotechnology 
Track 14: Nano electronics: 
Nanoelectronics state to the utilization of applied science in electronic elements. The term covers a various set of devices and materials, with the similar characteristic that they're therefore tiny that inter-atomic relations and substantial mechanical properties have to be compelled to be deliberate extensively. Nanoelectronics is distinct as applied science that agrees the combination of virtuously electronic devices, electronic chips and circuits. This kind of technology mixture are often delineate because the ‘More than Moore’ field of growth. The nanoscale proportions of nanoelectronic elements for systems of giga-scale involution measured on a chip or in an exceedingly package. The researcher’s square measure exploring completely different means for coming up with and manufacturing logic circuits by incorporating light-sensitive organic particles into small molecules of semiconductor material known as quantum dots. This improvement of Nano electronic elements square measure known as as ‘Beyond CMOS’ domain of development. The digital system Integrated with Radio-Frequency (RF)/analog circuits. 
Track 15: Material Science in Metal Alloys: 
Alloys square measure the mix of Metals. Metals square measure extremely crystalline in nature that is that the supply to their ability in deformation plastically and in resisting failure below significant loading. Study of Metal Alloys has currently been the attention-grabbing a part of the fabric Science. Iron, the argentiferous alloy in use nowadays has the most important industrial price. Thanks to the chemical reactivity of metals like Al, Ti and Mg have recently developed whereas copper has its significance from significantly while. 
Related Societies: Institute of Nanotechnology | European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Nano Science and Technology Institute | Biological Applications of Nanotechnology at University of Idaho 
Track: 16: Material Science usage in Aircraft and Automobile Manufacturing: 
An audit of advances for flying machine motor auxiliary materials and procedures is introduced. increased materials, as an example, super alloys, and therefore the procedures for creating rotary engine plates and sharp edges have majorly affected the flexibility of current turbine motors. New auxiliary materials, quite composites and intermetallic materials, are developing which will within the long-term in addition upgrade motor execution, diminish motor weight, and on these lines empower new flying machine frameworks. Later on, fruitful aviation manufacturers can consolidate item set up and materials brilliance with increased collection techniques to expand creation proficiency, improve item quality, and decreasing the motor advancement method period. 
Related Societies: Nanotechnology Industries Association | Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer | Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University | Nano Business Alliance 
Track 17: Nano Toxicology: 
Nanotoxicology could be a branch of bionanoscience that deals with the character and mechanism of cyanogenic effects of nanoparticles on living organisms and different biological systems and also the quantitative assessment of the severity and prevalence of nanotoxicity effects relative to the exposure of the organisms. The modification within the physic-chemical and structural properties of built nanomaterials with a decrease in size would be accountable for many material interactions that might cause toxicologic effects. The toxicity of nanomaterials was loosely classified into 2 i.e. environmental toxicity and biological toxicity. 
Related Societies:  
American National Standards Institute Nanotechnology Panel | European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology |National Nanotechnology Center 
Track 18: Nano Robotics: 
Nanorobotics is a rising field for making machines or robots at the microscopic scale of a micro millimeter. Nanobots would usually be devices go in size from zero.1-10 micrometer. The most component are often used are carbon within the variety of nanocomposites, fullerene/diamond, for his or her strength and chemical immobility of the shape. Nanorobotics are often utilized in the sphere of drugs in an exceedingly} very wide range; it are often used for cancer detection and medical care, hematology, biohazards defense, etc. with the exception of these it probably utilized in automation of production trade, molecular chemistry, automotive & part, material science analysis and electronics-communication engineering. 
Related Societies:  Instituto Zuliano de Investigaciones Tecnológicas | Semiconductor Industry Association | National Nanotechnology Directorate 
Track 19: Nanotechnology Applications: 
Researchers square measure developing tailor-made nanoparticles the dimensions of molecules that may deliver medication on to pathologic cells in your body. Once it's formed, this methodology ought to greatly cut back the injury treatment like therapy will to a patient's healthy cells. Applied science holds some answers for the way we would increase the capabilities of natural philosophy devices whereas we tend to cut back their weight and power consumption. Applied science has an effect on many aspects of food science, from however food is fully grown to however it's prepackaged. Firm’s square measure developing nanomaterials that may create a distinction not solely within the style of food, however conjointly in food safety, and also the health edges that food delivers. Applied science is being employed to scale back the value of catalysts utilized in fuel cells to provide atomic number 1 ions from fuel like alcohol and to boost the potency of membranes utilized in fuel cells to separate atomic number 1 ions from different gases like element. Firms have developed nanotech star cells that may be factory-made at considerably lower value than typical star cells. Firm’s square measure presently developing batteries victimization nanomaterials. One such battery are going to be a decent as new once sitting on the shelf for many years. Another battery may be recharged considerably quicker than typical batteries. Applied science could hold the key to creating space-flight a lot of sensible. Advancements in nanomaterials create light-weight artificial satellite and a cable for the area elevator attainable. 
Related Societies: National Nanotechnology Initiative | James Watt Nanofabrication Centre | Canadian Nano Business Alliance 
Track 20: Nano smart and Nano hybrid materials: 
Nanotechnology might be a quickly developing field coming back into the world of good materials and taking them to succeeding level. They’re going to incorporate Nano sensors, Nano computers and Nano machines into their structure which may modify them to retort on to their atmosphere. The nano scale hybrid materials square measure one of the foremost common promising and quickly developed analysis areas in materials chemistry. Nano hybrid materials are principally made public as artificial materials with inorganic and organic parts that square measure connected on by non-covalent bonds or valency bonds at nanometer scale. The unlimited potential mixtures of the distinct properties of organic, inorganic, or even bioactive parts throughout one material, either in molecular or nano dimensions, have attracted important attention. 
Related Societies: National Nanotechnology Initiative | International Association of Nanotechnology | Institute of Nanotechnology | Institute for Nanoscale and Quantum Scientific and Technology Advanced Research at University of Virginia | Nanotechnology Industries Association 
Track 21: Biomaterials: 
Biomaterials could also be a growing field that focuses on the event of materials to exchange or augment human tissues. Tissue engineering could also be a subset of biomaterials and is rapidly expanding as a treatment for an honest range of medical conditions. Advances in tissue engineering integrate discoveries from biochemistry, cell and biology, and materials science to provide three-dimensional structures with specific properties that enable us to exchange or repair damaged, missing or poorly functioning biological components. Within tissue engineering, the tactic of electrospinning has demonstrated the foremost promise as a possible manufacturing technique by providing the proper balance of speed, cost, and biocompatibility for the replacement of nearly all human organs. 
Track 22: Computational Modeling of Materials: 
Advances in computing power and software offer the potential to style, synthesize, characterize and test materials during a virtual setting. These capabilities enable accelerated development and optimization of latest materials across a variety of applications. Our long-term investment during this vision has produced one among the leading programs in computational materials science and engineering.
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Organizing Committee Members

Minakshi Sharma
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Minakshi Sharma

M.D.University Rohtak, India
Karl Heinz Gresslehner
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Karl Heinz Gresslehner

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria

Keynote Speakers


Nanotechnology is the main segment of advanced materials as well as in chemicals industry due to large number of federal agencies. It is also known as visualization, manipulation and modeling of atoms, molecules and macro molecular structure which create unique structures with enhanced properties and functionalities. It is one of the fastest growing markets in the chemicals and materials and it has evolved significantly over a period of time primarily due to incessant development and integration of technologies. 
Based on 2019, there has been a progress made in nanotech research and development. But one major factor in nanotechnology is an increase in the manufacture and availability of carbon nano tubes. The development has been made where a basic nano material that can be used in a wide variety of manufactured goods. These nano tubes have been shown to have highly valuable qualities, including incredible strength, extremely light weight and high conductivity of electricity. As nano tube supplies increase and costs drop, use will increase significantly. Investment and the strategies in nanotechnology research and the market for nanotech products have expanded.


Nanotechnology 2020 offers a good chance to form new contacts within the field of Nanotechnology and Material Science that involves the styles and discoveries of recent materials. The enlightenment originated once researchers began to use analytical thinking from Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering. The conference can offer a platform to share new ideas about recent developments in applied science. Material Engineering Scientists and analyzers can come back to grasp regarding additional data relating to their research subjects and can be ready to establish their read at a world level. 
Nanotechnology Congress 2020 is meant to honor prestigious awards for proficient Young researchers, Scientists, Young Investigators, Post-Graduate students, Post-doctoral fellows, Trainees, grade school in recognition of their outstanding contribution towards the conference theme. The Young scientist Awards build each effort in providing a powerful skilled development chance for early career academicians by meeting specialists to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of Nanotechnology.



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