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March 24-25, 2020

Dr. Leila Akoury Dirani

(Associate professor of psychiatry)

Dr. Leila Akoury Dirani
Associate professor of psychiatry Clinical psychology and psychopathology Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-Department of Psychiatry Director of the Child Protection Program

Reaserch Interst
Produce reliable psychological assessment tools to use with children, and consolidate the clinical diagnosis; starting with identifying the usage of assessment tools by clinical and educational psychologists in Lebanon, studying the adaptations that have been done, and collecting the feedback of these professionals, then adapting a specific instrument the Child Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition (CARS-2) to the Lebanese Population. Study early psychological stages of the development and designing early interventions addressing children with delays and neurodevelopmental disorders which entail the assessment and monitoring of children (3-6 years) born with Assisted Reproductive Technologies, the study of the developmental outcomes of former preterm children in Lebanon, and the correlates of early assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders. Study the impact of psychological interventions on children and adolescents, mainly in group therapy settings, Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for adolescents with physical disability, and Social Skills Training for adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and adolescents with Intellectual Disability.